Tokens Shop

Booksellers Tokens are the perfect gift for any age. They’re New Zealand’s only national book vouchers, redeemable at over 200 bookshops all over the country.

If you are a member bookshop, school, corporate or library, you can purchase bulk books of tokens for a discount from our Members Shop.

Booksellers NZ holds in reserve more funds than are required to redeem all un-used tokens, which means there is always money to honour your Booksellers Token. Our Tokens are valid for two years from the date of purchase, so for example, a token purchased on 1/03/2020 will be valid until 1/03/2022.

We courier tokens every week day, except over the Christmas Break.

Here is a guide to the range of prices for books in New Zealand: 

  • Children’s Books: $12-$25 for Junior Fiction and YA novels, $19-$30+ for Picture Books and Non-fiction
  • Adult Fiction: $25-$40 for a novel
  • Adult Non-fiction: $35-$50 for non-illustrated paperback, $4-$75 for illustrated paperback, $50-$150 for illustrated hardback

Have friends and family in Australia? Purchase Australian Tokens
Have friends and family in the UK? Purchase UK Tokens

Redeem your NZ Book Tokens here, or buy them in person at your local Tokens bookseller.